Baby Pillowcases
Double Twisted Hemstitch Baby Pillowcases

Hemstitch Baby Pillowcases with Embroidered Polka Dots

Heirloom Victorian Hand Embroidered Pillows with 2″ Flange Border
Victorian Embroidered 12″ x 16″ Traditional Baby Pillow.
Victorian Embroidered 12″ x 12″ Square Baby Pillows.
Victroian Embroidered 14″x 20″ Breakfast Pillows.

Heirloom Southern Hearts Cluny Lace 8″ Square Rings Pillow
Heirloom Victorian Embroidered 6″ Square Ring Pillow.

Elegant Classic Hemstitch Square Baby Pillows. 12″x12″ Square Pillows
Triple Hemstitches with Applique Tiny Patches.

Hemstitch Baby Pillows. 12″x12″ Square
Triple Lines of Hemstitch Baby Square Pillows
Double Lines Hemstitch Baby Square

Multicolor Hemstitch Baby Pillows. 12″ x 12″.

Hemstitch Baby Pillowcases with Colored Borders.